These instructions asssume you are using Funtoo Linux but should be easy to adapt to other distributions.

Installing Latest Official Release


This is not currently working – but you can use emerge --onlydeps metatools to set up dependencies, and then proceed to follow the steps in Installing Latest Development Sources.

Funtoo-metatools is easy to install. On Funtoo, it can simply be emerged:

root # emerge metatools

Recent version of metatools also require MongoDB to be installed and running locally. MongoDB is used by the doit command to store distfile integrity hashes, as well as for maintaining a cache of HTTP API requests for more resilience related to network interruption. It is also used by deepdive to provide package analytics functionality.

MongoDB can be installed and started on Funtoo Linux as follows:

root # emerge mongodb
root # rc-update add mongodb default && rc

Alternatively you can use pip3 to pull it from PyPi:

user $ pip3 install --user funtoo-metatools

If you would like to create an isolated virtual environment for funtoo-metatools, you can use virtualenv as follows:

user $ emerge virtualenv
user $ virtualenv -p python3 venv
user $ source venv/bin/activate
venv $ pip install funtoo-metatools

From this point forward, whenever you want to use the virtualenv, simply source the activate script to enter your isolated python virtual environment.

Installing Latest Development Sources

If you need the absolute latest features, you may want or need to install metatools from git master. To do this, you will want to clone the repository locally:

root # cd ~/development
root # git clone ssh://
root # git clone ssh://

Next, you will want to add something similar to the following to you shell init script, such as your ./.bashrc file:

export PATH=$HOME/development/funtoo-metatools/bin:$PATH
export PYTHONPATH=$HOME/development/subpop:$HOME/development/funtoo-metatools

When these settings are active, your current shell will be able to find the binaries such as doit as well as the python modules in the live git repository.

Finally, you will want to ensure that all dependent modules are installed. On Funtoo, this can be accomplished via emerge --onlydeps metatools.